CTA Agriculture & Industrial Summer Camp

C H R I S T   T E M P L E   A C A D E M Y
 Agriculture & Industrial Summer Camp

To All Who Would Give,

Greetings from the Christ Temple Academy Agricultural and Industrial Summer Camp!  May this brief missive find you in the best of health and spirit.

This camp was established to address the various ills plaguing our communities by fulfilling the need for education and the basic fundamentals of character, community, and economic development.  Our program is geared to school-aged youth, engaging them six days a week in a two-pronged program designed to introduce them to both agriculture and industry.

We currently have 43 students enrolled in our program. We have 18 elementary school children who will be learning their “ABCs”—that is agriculture, biology, and chemistry. In addition to agriculture we will be introducing our 25 high school students to an agricultural based carpentry program; i.e. they will be building raised beds, garden trellises, bat and bird houses, and assisting in the construction of a greenhouse and irrigation system.

After a successful and productive first season pilot of our curriculum, we were able to  improve and expand our program by securing a new one half acre site for the development of a permanent organic mini-farm and orchard. This years’ program will include:

  1. Securing irrigation for our  half-acre student organic mini-farm and orchard;
  2. Designing and building raised beds for bio-intensive gardening experiments
  3. Planting and pruning fruit trees
  4. Developing a seed propagation program
  5. Integrated Pest Management
  6. Intensive composting
  7. Soil development
  8. Planting and transplanting
  9. Understanding crop rotation
  10. Greenhouse construction
  11. Establishing a Jr. Master Gardeners’ Program
  12. Canning and preserving our harvest
  13. Establishing a seed bank
  14. Neighborhood market routes
  15. Participating in the local Farmer’s market
  16. Opening Young Saver’s accounts for student business development
  17. Field trips and farm tours
  18. Health and nutrition
  19. Preparing food from our harvest
  20. Community cook-outs

The program will culminate in the students marketing their produce at the local farmers market; and the establishment of specifically designed neighborhood routes.  All proceeds from the sales of their products will be deposited in a Young Savers bank account and will be used by the students to purchase equipment and supplies for school.
We still have a ways to go in providing the tools and materials needed for our program, and we need your help.  We are pursuing monetary or material donations.  It is our prayer that you will be able to make a tax-deductible donation to assist our students in realizing their full potential in this program.

Thank you for your consideration.  You can reach me by phone at (205) 372-1476 or by email at lifefreedom19 [at] hotmail [dot] com.  Please let me know of your decision at your earliest convenience.

Scott Muhammad                                    
CTA Agriculture & Industrial Summer Camp


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